What is the DFW Archives Bazaar?

We are a group of archivists, librarians, and museum curators from the DFW area wanting to spread the word about archives!

Where will it be?

The DFW Archives Bazaar will be held at the Dallas Heritage Village on Sunday, October 14, 2018, 1-5pm.

What will be happening at the Bazaar?

The participating archives will show off their amazing collections throughout the entire event. At the demo booths and interactive exhibits, guests can learn about how to preserve their family bibles, conduct an oral history interview, what to consider when scanning and digitizing family memories, and so much more. Other attractions include a full slate of speakers, who will discuss various ways they have used archives in their writing and projects. At the Ask an Archivist Station, you can learn from professionals how to best preserve your memories. Students can attend and learn about a career in archiving and get advice on schools, programs, and internships at the career booth.

Are there any other things happening during the Bazaar

In addition to the exhibitors and demos, there will be door prizes, trivia, and more.

Who will be participating?

Over 25 Texas institutions will be participating as well as speakers and exhibitors. See a list of participants on the About Us page.

Do we have to pay to enter the Dallas Heritage Village?

No, all attendees to the DFW Archives Bazaar will receive free admission into the park.

How can I can I get to the Dallas Heritage Village?

Attendees can drive to the Bazaar and park in the designated Dallas Heritage Village parking lot. The Dallas Heritage Village can also be reached by public transit through DART. See the Transportation page to learn more on how you can take DART to the DFW Archives Bazaar.

How do I stay in touch with the DFW Archives Bazaar?

The DFW Archives Bazaar can be reached by email at dfwarchivesbazaar@gmail.com

You can also follow us on social media at these channels

Twitter: @DFWArchives

Facebook: @dfwarchivesbazaar

Instagram: @dfwarchivesbazaar