Our next participant is a fun one for people of all ages, theĀ Interurban Railway Museum!

The Interurban Railway Museum is owned by the City of Plano, Texas Government and managed by the The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, Inc.. The Museum hosts tours, exhibits, and events related to the history of the Texas Electric Railway and Plano. The Museum’s Johnnie J. Myers Transportation Research Center contains photographs, books, documents, artifacts, and oral histories relating to electric train transportation, with a focus on North Central Texas during the 1908-1948 time frame. The archives also include a large book and magazine collection about early trolley and train systems across the United States.

Come and learn more about their collections at the 2019 DFW Archives Bazaar, on Saturday, November 2 from 1-5pm, at Greater Denton Arts Council Patterson-Appleton Arts Center.