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Category: <span>Sponsors</span>

Category: Sponsors

Dallas Morning News Helps Bring the DFW Archives Bazaar to Denton

We would like to offer a big thank you to The Dallas Morning News for their support in creating the 2019 DFW Archives Bazaar. The Dallas Morning News has been serving the North Texas community since 1885, and they aim to offer daily reporting that creates a stronger community. You can find them …

nCDS Helps Bring the DFW Archives to Life

Our next sponsor for the 2019 DFW Archives Bazaar is the Norwick Center for Digital Services at SMU Libraries Digital Collections. The Norwick Center for Digital Solutions (nCDS) is a unit of SMU Libraries responsible for digitizing, cataloging,presenting via the web, and digitally preserving items from SMU Libraries special collections. nCDS operates a state-of-the art digitization center …