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Preserving Bibles with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Preserving Bibles with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Libraries will be participating in the DFW Archives Bazaar and will presenting on the preservation of Family Bibles and will be bringing historical Bibles from their collection!
Not familiar with Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Libraries?
The J. T. and Zelma Luther Archives and Special Collections of Southwestern Seminary contain over 500,000 items. The Archives house historical and current information on the institution and it’s various entities. Included in the archival collections are the personal papers of all past Southwestern presidents, many former faculty members, alumni, and friends of Southwestern, many of which have played an active role in Southern Baptist life. The archives also house original copies of all dissertations completed for advanced degrees.
In addition to the archives, the Special Collections include the Breed Collection of British Baptist History, the Estep Collection of Reformation History, the Quillen Collection of Missions in Africa and a Rare Book Collection that contains books dating from the 1500s and manuscripts dating to the 12th century.
A few items of note are:
  • 12th Century Coptic Hebrew Palimpsest
  • 1514 Complutensian Polyglot Bible
  • 1543 Document handwritten by Martin Luther
  • 1643 Cromwell Soldier’s Pocket Bible
  • 1613 King James Version Bible
  • 1600 Foxe’s Book of Martyrs
Learn more about the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary by visiting their booth at the DFW Archives Bazaar at Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park on Sunday, October 14, 2018 from 1-5pm. See you there!

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