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Tag: <span>UNT Music Library</span>

Tag: UNT Music Library

UNT Music Library Brings the History and Da Funk to the 2019 DFW Archives Bazaar

We are excited to announce our first participant in this year’s DFW Archives Bazaar, and it is Denton’s own UNT Music Library! The University of North Texas Music Library is one of the largest music libraries in the U.S., with over 130 special collections ranging from alumni and former faculty to major artists …

UNT Music Library Has an Ear for Musical Archives

Want to learn about music archives? Well, you are in luck! The UNT Music Library at the University of North Texas will be participating in this year’s DFW Archives Bazaar! The UNT Music Library was founded in 1941 by Wilfred C. Bain and Anna Harriet Heyer, and is located on the fourth floor of Willis Library. It …