UNT Music Library Has an Ear for Musical Archives

UNT Music Library Has an Ear for Musical Archives

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Want to learn about music archives? Well, you are in luck! The UNT Music Library at the University of North Texas will be participating in this year’s DFW Archives Bazaar!

The UNT Music Library was founded in 1941 by Wilfred C. Bain and Anna Harriet Heyer, and is located on the fourth floor of Willis Library. It is one of the largest academic music collections in the United States, serving the university’s UNT College of Music and providing extensive resources for music research. In addition to its extensive circulating holdings, the Music Library also has over 125 special collections reflecting all genres of music and media formats, as well as a sizeable rare music book collection. Highlights from the collection include the Stan Kenton and Maynard Ferguson performing band libraries, the in-house orchestra libraries from local radio stations WFAA and WBAP, unreleased Duke Ellington recordings, and correspondence from composer Arnold Schoenberg.

Learn more about UNT Music Library by visiting their booth at the DFW Archives Bazaar at Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park on Sunday, October 14, 2018 from 1-5pm. See you there!

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